Cesc Fabregas feels victories not Secure anymore since last 3 Years

The Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fabregas reckons that in the last three years, the competitiveness in English Football has increased a little bit and it’s not that easy for the top sides to secure victories on a consistent basis now.

According to Fabregas, these days, not too many managers in the Premier League are willing to risk dropping points. They rather like to settle for the draw and that has made life difficult for the attacking players.

Fabregas has been a Premier League title holder with the Gunners, but, that had happened a decade back and the Spaniard had not played any role in that campaign at all. He had not got even one minute of playing time back then.

Now there is a good chance that Fabregas becomes a Premier League champion again.
Chelsea is leading the top tier table in England at the moment. Recently, they have suffered a shocker against Newcastle United playing away, but, despite that, they are fine and are holding their position quite strongly.

Speaking to a television correspondent yesterday, Fabregas said, “It’s a bit different now than what it was a few years back. There has been a lot of improvement in the standard of the teams as far as the defence is concerned. Everybody is looking to make sure that they avoid defeat somehow. Nobody wants risk and thus, for the attacking sides, there are not many opportunities. When the opposition is sitting back, it’s not easy. ”

“England was not associated with such sort of tactical Football earlier. It used to happen more in Spain, but, now here as well, we are seeing that it has become tactical.”
Fabregas had been in Spain since 2011 playing for Barcelona before he took a transfer to Chelsea this summer.