Mannone was at the verge of leaving Sunderland

The 28 year old Italian shot-stopper of Sunderland, Vito Mannone has been performing with the Premier League club since July of 2013 and in his debut season with them, he managed to make 29 appearances as he was the main goal-keeper of the team but Vito Mannone’s influence in Sunderland started to decrease as he started to get more time on the sidelines during the 2014-15 season as he was being overlooked by CostelPantilimon.

Vito Mannone went from making 29 appearances to only 10 and this sudden drop of importance in the team even made the Italian player start thinking about making a switch of clubs

“I finished the season well last year, and kind of turned the corner from Christmas onwards.Now I would like some continuity, and to work as hard as I can to improve myself. That’s my aim.Did I think I might have to leave? Yeah, yeah. Obviously while I was training well and not getting the chances, I was thinking that maybe I need to move on.The gaffer came in, Sam, and said to me ‘Keep going because you may have a chance’, and once he gave me it that was the turning point for me.” Sunderland’s Vito Mannone said as he spoke about his situation in the club and how things have been going for him in the past few years.

There is a breath of fresh air wavering around Sunderland as the club has a new manager with David Moyes taking charge of the club and Vito Mannone recently signed a contract extension with Sunderland which will be keeping him with the club at least until July of 2018.

This contract extension is proof that the Italian goal-keeper is in the plans of David Moyes and this is great news for Vito Mannone as he is eager to take back the main shot-stopper role in Sunderland but he will face competition from CostelPantilimon as he also wants to snatch that spot.