Sam Allardyce lashes out at Refree for Incorrect Calls

By the virtue of a late penalty which was awarded to them in the stoppage time, the Black Cats claimed a point at the Britannia Stadium and saved themselves from a potentially relegation blow.

But, the manager Sam Allardyce was not thankful to the referee and instead lashed out at him for some of the incorrect calls earlier which had got Sunderland at a point of losing the game.

With two mightier teams lined up next, it’s this Stoke visit which Sunderland had to make the most of and Allardyce believes three points could have come easy if the officiating had been done correctly.

According to Allardyce, the Potters should not have had the lead in the first place because the goal which got them up, it was the result of a foul which wasn’t picked by the gentlemen involved in the officiating of the game.

For Allardyce, it was the linesman who was more at fault on that occasion because the angle from which he was watching the action, it was a far superior angle in comparison to the referee and thus, it was his duty to pick it up and convey it to the referee to make sure the decision is correct.

The Black Cats’ boss also rued not having the penalty at the half an hour mark when Geoff Cameron used the hand to make contact with the ball.

It was more frustrating for Allardyce because something like that was overlooked by the referee the previous week too during the goalless draw against the Gunners at the Stadium of Light.

This draw, nevertheless, has kept Sunderland above the red area, but, it’s the Chelsea game, on 7th of May, which would go a long way in deciding their fate.