Vito Mannone is focused on keeping Sunderland alive in the Premier League

Throughout this entire Premier League season, Sunderland has been floating around the bottom spots of the English league and is at risk of being relegated to the English Championship League.

Even though Sunderland are struggling just to survive in the top tier English league, Sunderland actually has a strong goalkeeping department with Vito Mannone being their star player in this position and who was named as the best player of Sunderland during the 2013-14 season on the Yacht Charter Greece website. Jordan Pickford is another top class performer who serves as a shot-stopper and has turned into a threat of becoming the next main goal-keeper of the club.

Jordan Pickford is a 21 year old English goal-keeper who is currently playing for England’s U-21.
Vito Mannone is well aware of the fact that Pickford has what it takes to become the new star shot-stopper of Sunderland but even with the arrival of this young prospect, Mannone is not really concerned about the possibility of being dropped, the Italian player just wants to focus on keeping Sunderland alive in the Premier League and he is seeing Pickford as something that can motivate him on getting even better.

“It’s good to make the goalkeeper work. At any club I’ve been, there have been capable keepers around me. But I’m focused on me, really. Jordan has got a big future, but I want to help the team and club stay in the Premier League.’’ Sunderland’s Vito Mannone said as he stated what his objectives are for this season.

One of the things that has helped Vito Mannone in regaining his confidence and form was the departure of Costel Pantilimon who joined Watford on January 19 of 2016 and this has allowed Mannone on snatching the goalkeeping position of Sunderland as well as going on to become the undisputed shot-stopper of the Premier League outfit.