Vito Mannone’s future in Sunderland might be in doubt

As each season goes on Vito Mannone has been seeing fewer playing time in the main team of Sunderland which is a fairly disappointing thing to see for a player who was named as the Official Player of the Year back in his debut season which kicked off on July of 2013.

Vito Mannone was the star of Sunderland a few years ago with amazing saves and quick reflexes which attracted the attention of major clubs but things have taken a turn for the worse as the Italian shot-stopper is now struggling trying to get consistent playing time in the Premier League outfit which is currently located in the bottom spots of the English League.

For the majority of the season Vito Mannone has had to settle with a place on the sidelines of Sunderland as he watched Costel Pantillimon take center stage and now his future in the club is starting to appear even more in doubt after Sunderland recalled the 21 year old shot-stopper Jordan Pickford.

In 20 Premier League matches, Sunderland has conceded 39 goals which is more than any other club and it seems that as a way to solve this issue, they have re-called Jordan Pickford and ended his loan deal with Preston North End.

The return of Jordan Pickford will put even more pressure and bring more competition to the goal-keeper position of Sunderland and makes things harder for Vito Mannone to snatch a consistent starting role in the relegation threatened club which is starting to look for options in the transfer market.

Sam Allardyce is the coach of Sunderland and he has recently been giving Vito Mannone a few starting roles in their latest games. The Italian goal-keeper played the entirety of Sunderland’s Premier League matches against: Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester City.
Vito Mannone now can’t afford to make any slip-ups as there are other players who are waiting in the sidelines.